The RAP4 Smoke Grenade

Use the RAP4 Smoke Grenade to restriction your enemy’s imaginative and prescient, or use it as a decoy to cause them to suppose an assault is coming from their flank. No be counted how it’s far deployed, this battlefield simulation device (BSD) provides a superb tactical advantage to any paintball or airsoft group looking to crush their enemy.

This smoke grenade takes any state of affairs paintball or airsoft game to the next stage. There are such a lot of makes use of for this grenade that they all can’t be in all likelihood indexed here. Your creativeness is the restriction.

This smoke-bomb can be used to blind and confuse your enemy, or sign your crew to move in for an assault. It can also be used to create panic for your enemies. They will never recognize what hit them when you operate the RAP4 Smoke Grenade.

This BSD is ignited with the aid Sour Straws Candy King On Salt of a fab burning fuse which is made from non-dangerous substances. This smoke-bomb is also completely biodegradable, so you no longer must fear approximately harming the environment.

After being ignited, this battlefield simulation device will generate a 10,000 cubic foot screen over a length of seventy five seconds. The smoke is “cool burning”, non-pyrotechnic smoke that is thick enough to block the imaginative and prescient of any enemy unfortunate sufficient to be caught in its area.

This grenade is small, lightweight and compact. Standing handiest 2.Seventy five inches and having a 1.5 inch diameter, several may be carried without any unique device. Special sporting pouches (Molle pouches) that connect on your paintball vest are available, allowing you to convey as a lot of those as you would like into the fight.

Please remember that battlefield simulation gadgets are not toys meant for children. They are designed for use in situation paintball games and tactical education sports. Always use extreme warning when the use of any paintball or airsoft product. With proper use, the RAP4 Smoke Grenade can be the difference between tagging your opponent, and getting a paintball proper between the eyes.

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